My brother thinks master bedroom is pronounced 'masturbate room'. It's not. And this is the former, not the latter...

I promised to give you guys a tour of the house. So far I've been rather lazy and I've only managed to post our game room: (which has changed a bit because we had to move some items from the living room to there when our command center got here)

But here we go now with the biggest of the three bedrooms:

Most of my favourite items are placed in this room because it withholds mostly vintage items. It also has most unfilled space, so vintage stuff is all I have more room for. All other purchases are banned :)

The chest of drawers contains my stamps, scrapbooking papers and other craft supplies. And don't you just love my vintage Dixie Cups?

^ Not exactly vintage, but I really like these here!

This is my side of the bed. I keep on hitting my elbow to the cabinet when I'm asleep. I probably should buy these stands so they wouldn't fall when hit the glass :D

^ The shelf above the bed. The Racing Track is one of the coolest items ever IMO.

^ The other side of the bed is more crowded with a picture shelf and our dvd's. (Simply can't buy any more of them, no more room!)

^ Okay, this is a work in progress... I need to fill the boxes with PRETTY shoes and handbags :)

^ Anyone got my two missing coins??? Call me! ;)

Well, that's it... More to come